Instrumente pe care le utilizez intuitiv  in timpul sesiunilor de transformare: instrumente clasice de coaching ontologic si programare neurolingvistica (NLP), Core Transformation, Terapie Subliminala, hipnoza, tehnici Gestalt, Core Transformation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Inteligenta Spirituala (SQ) , Meditatie samanica de transformare a constiintei, tehnici din Panorama Sociala – Lucas Derks, tehnici de purificare si echilibare energetica.


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Following our dreams and doing the things we want to do in life can at times seem impossible. Maybe the opportunities never arise, maybe obligations and responsibilities hold us back, maybe practicalities always stop us at the last moment. A lifetime of routine and habit can make it difficult to break out of the familiar comfort-zone that so many of us slip into without even knowing it. NLP helps us to realise that more often than not, it’s not the world or our busy lifestyles holding us back – it’s ourselves.

Because it is essentially a tool-kit for the mind, coaching with NLP can help all areas of life. It is particularly effective for improving the following situations:

Anxiety and stress,
Potential/ creativity,
Fears and phobias,
Health and wellbeing,

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